ZETA & ZEON Sling Bag

this is collabs project feat barkfellow

im very happy with this bag, i think this is the coolest sling bag for the modeller, ehehe.

using cott canvas for the main material, with dark blue and olive green for the main color,

the size specs its cool too.

fit with box of Master Grade and High Grade, note book 13″, and your lovely tablet and iphone.

anyone?? πŸ˜€

feel free to comment or order.


KURATAS – Suidobashi heavy industry

KURATAS – Suidobashi heavy industry

I really hope this is on Top Gear.

Happy 420 Day

in 20 April ago, it’s a WEED DAY, everybody smoke all daaay.. haha.

this is some pic from my friend, to celebrate weed day. puff puff Open-mouthed smile

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Special Metal Badge

Hello Gundam Fans,

i think u should know this stuff.. hope u like it…



Neo Zeon


Anaheim Electronic

cool πŸ˜€


Transformable Ex-S