Road To GBWC 2011!!

its time for Gunpla Builder World Cup 2011.

this some Entry  from all modeller around the world.. Damn cool

check this out!!


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WIP 1/60 Wing Gundam 0

Just starting the new work in progress on sunday.

1/60 Wing Gundam 0, realease in 1995,

actually this is commision work for me, my friend ask me to finish paint this kit.. its a huge kit 😀 looks like PG , with panel lining everywhere its cool, and Red LED inside body using AAA battery. yes AAA battery.. and also dirty seamlines… arrrgh.. but i try my best to finished this kit. ENJOI!!

more wip will update soon..

stay tuned!!

FA Phsyco Gundam

Full Armor Phsyco Gundam

Modeled by Dopie Pastime

Painted by  Mechalogy

Photos by  Aditheyaindra

Another  Phsyco Gundam

Modeled by TONG HOO

Modeled by Akhuplawork

Modeled by Ifan Cusianto

Source : GIITH