bit update my jegan ecoas

white & dark grey for the main color

bit smoke shade

adding washed effect, using tamiya enamel, brown and green.

I got bit problem for the decal,

after shading and washed session, I add rust effect using rust color and rust powder.


cu on the next update.


[update] WIP 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 BANSHEE ( Destroy Mode )

Hello there,

back again with me, and the banshee, hehe

sorry for the slowy update on my wip guys, i just got saturday and sunday to touch it,

so this is some update, enjoi


after mix and max the color shceme for the banshee , finally I got a better result for the main color on the armor, after 2-3 layers


finally all the armor part is done with blue back color, now time to coat wit the clear gloss, before lining and decal process.


lining and detailing its on.. im enjoy it.

especially the decal. put some decal.. its more fun than sanding the part 1 by 1, haha

for the decal I use samuel decal (wet decal)


for the top coat, I use gaia clear flat .

and this is the result.


asembling time…

oke that’s all guys.

thanks for viewing, c u on the next update!!!

[ WIP ] 1/144 Geara Zulu ( Angelo Sauper Use)

Hello There,

starting new project again, here it is 1/144 Geara Zulu ( Angelo Sauper Use).

actualy I like the geara zulu squads Open-mouthed smile, but I love with this one “Angelo Sauper Use”, not for the color by the way, rrrr why bandai use purple & pink for this zulu.

lets add a little detail on the armor, and change the color scheme of course!!




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update WIP 1/60 Wing Gundam 0

some update from wing gundam 0 project,


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[update] WIP 1/100 Force Impulse

Just posted some update my WIP


more WIP

will update as soon as possible 🙂