[ WIP ] 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 BANSHEE ( Destroy Mode )

Hello there,

After watching the last episode of Unicorn Movie, Banshee has makes me crazy.

many mobile suit character has come. but I really intrested w/ banshee destroy mode, damn cool man.

I wanna build this banshee asap. I think the original color its already cool.

ok lets started guys… enjoi


first, The box art!


Snapfit the banshee


Sanding sanding sanding


Starting the Gold for the iner, it’s the first layer!

remember, I using black base color

when the light its on! kaching kachiiing Smile with tongue out

and then I use the clear yellow too, and clear gloss for top coat


I hav a bit problem on the vfin,

in the plan A, I wanna make a gold chrome effect, but I hav a bad result

use the chrome silver color, and then layered w/ clear yellow, I don’t get a gold chrome result, I get a titanium yellow, DAMN!

move to plan B, drybush w/ shining gold Citadel, citadel its really easy to use, trust me, its fun Open-mouthed smile
and I get more good result than before. after that don’t forget to layered w/ clear yellow.

the gold part has finished Smile

and now, must get a color for the armor, bit difficult to mix the color, for a good result.

I using GAIA NOTES  color, using black, ultra blue, blue grey, lavender, mix it up!!

this is the result that I get, wich one guys? left or right


ok that’s all for today , cu on the next update!!

stay tune!

PS : sorry for bad quality image


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