“Bloody Marry” Astray Red Frame

Hi all,

this is my lattest project,”BLOODY MARRY” Astray Red Frame,  for halloween 😀

Change the original red of astray, with red candy tone based silver metalic, and matt black for the armor.


Sorry for bad photos, better photos will update soon.

jump here for work in progress files.



2 thoughts on ““Bloody Marry” Astray Red Frame

  1. This is a cool astray, i like the scheme, and your work is clean too (concerning the nubmarkss and seamline)..^_^
    out of curiosity, why didn;t you put on any sticker?

    • thanks,
      actually this is my friend’s astray, he ask me to painting, i mean clean painting ,
      b’coz he already hopeless to painting this kit before.. he put some black and get a bad result , totally bad (u can check the photos, in wip files)
      i just help to painting, and he continued his work on lining & decal.. more better photos will update soon..

      thanks for viewing 🙂

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